Meet Maggie Lund: Yakima’s Newest Personal Injury Attorney

Yakima Personal Injury Attorney Maggie Lund

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law Attorney Maggie Lund and her son, Will

Although Maggie Lund, Abeyta Nelson’s newest attorney, was raised in Woodinville and Mercer Island, she began imagining what life would be like east of the Cascades when attending college at Washington State University.  “I loved Pullman,” said Maggie.  After taking 2 years post-college to consider her academic and professional goals, Maggie was accepted at Seattle University School of Law.  As a law student, Maggie served on the school’s prestigious law review, and also served as a judicial law clerk.  Maggie graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University School of Law.

With law degree in hand, Maggie continued to think about life on the east side of the state. “I’d been talking about moving east for years,” said Maggie.  Then, in early 2018, an opportunity arose that she couldn’t pass up.  Abeyta Nelson Injury Law was looking for a new associate at the firm, and Maggie was contacted by attorney David Abeyta, a social and professional acquaintance.  Maggie knew that this was the right moment to make the change she’d been hoping for.  “Abeyta Nelson hired me,” she said, “and they gave me three months to sell my house and make the transition.  Terry (Abeyta) and Rod (Nelson) couldn’t have been more understanding,” she said.  

Not only was Maggie choosing to leave behind her residence on the west side of the state, she also had made the decision to end her career as a family law attorney, and begin a new profession in a totally new field of law – personal injury.  “As a family law attorney,” said Maggie, “I was in court all the time – in litigation from day one.” And though Maggie was a devoted advocate for her clients, she was ready to approach the law from a different perspective, all while continuing to help a very vulnerable client population.  “I always feel invested in my clients,” said Maggie, “and I am thrilled that I can continue to use my expertise to help people who really deserve it,” she added.

As she’s learning the ropes at Abeyta Nelson, what stands out for Maggie is the open door policy that was apparent to her from day one.  “I love being here,” says Maggie.  She says she feels encouraged to walk into her colleagues’ offices to share information, ask questions, and collaborate for the benefit of her clients.  “At Abeyta Nelson, it feels like such a team effort,” said Maggie.  “That takes more time, but it matters deeply to the attorneys here to do everything right.  And I am astounded at the amount of time they are investing in me – helping me to feel comfortable and learn as much as I can,” said Maggie.  Additionally, Maggie said she is impressed with how important she says it is for Abeyta Nelson employees – staff and attorneys alike – to give back to the community.  

In her spare time, Maggie spends as much time as she can with her young son, Will, and going on hikes, visiting wineries, and going to the farmer’s market.  She feels welcome here, and loves how easy it is to visit friends and get across town to have dinner or socialize.  “In many ways, Seattle was exhausting – I am meeting so many people here in Yakima because it’s easy to get around and see people,” Maggie added.

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law attorneys and staff are thrilled that Maggie and her family have relocated to Yakima to join the firm.  Welcome, Maggie!
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