Contingent Fees Versus Hourly Fees

Contingent Fees vs. Hourly fees

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit and have been researching attorneys to help you with your case, you have probably noticed that some attorneys charge based on a contingency fee, while others charge by the hour. The way that an attorney charges his or her clients is an important factor to consider when deciding on who should represent you.

Here at Abeyta Nelson, we use a contingency fee because we find that this is the fairest system for our clients. This means that our clients only have to pay attorney’s fees if they win; a percentage of the recovered money will go to the attorney. This relieves the financial strain that people filing lawsuits can otherwise experience. If the case does not win, the client does not have to worry about paying any fees, which often compounds the stress of not winning a case.

If you have ever heard about people being angry about attorney’s fees, chances are it was due to hourly billing. When an attorney charges an hourly fee, the client must pay the attorney for every hour worked – whether or not the case is actually won. Clients who are billed by the hour can sometimes feel that they are being taken advantage and wonder if the number of hours that an attorney reports to have worked is being inflated. Additionally, sometimes clients wonder how invested the attorney is in winning the case, or if the attorney simply wants to accrue as many billable hours as possible.

Under the contingency fee arrangement, these problems are eliminated. Clients know that a firm operating on a contingency fee arrangement would never take on a case that it didn’t believe in and was confident it could win. Additionally, because the client and the attorney agree to the percentage of the award that an attorney will take, there are no “surprise” fees, which can often be problematic when it comes to hourly billing.

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