How does Abeyta Nelson Injury Law firm win auto accident lawsuits?

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience representing car accident clients.  Abeyta Nelson attorneys know the laws of motor vehicle liability, understand the insurance available, and know how to deal with the aggressive and sometimes misleading tactics that insurance companies use against their own clients.  These calculated strategies may include delaying payment, denying valid claims, writing insurance policies that are impossible to understand, and putting pressure on people to take settlement offers that are too low.

The Abeyta Nelson legal team fights against insurance companies by investigating and gathering evidence, building cases based on our clients’ losses, and working hard to obtain the largest settlements possible. In addition, our team supports clients and their family members throughout each case by communicating regularly, answering questions promptly, and following up on each client’s post-accident medical care and therapy.  Abeyta Nelson is an award-winning law firm with a proven track record of settling the largest personal injury cases in Central Washington.

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