‘Risky Case’ Resolved for Victim of Fall

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It was a dark October night when Brooke Creswell, former conductor of the Yakima Symphony Orchestra tripped in an unlit parking lot in front of an Ellensburg Nursing home. Unable to brace his fall, Brooke sustained multiple broken bones in his face. Following surgery at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and 6 weeks of recovery, Brooke and his wife considered their options, and then decided to call Abeyta Nelson.

This was considered «risky» for Abeyta Nelson to take, in that the challenge was to overcome the defense that the fall was Brooke’s fault. Brooke says that Abeyta Nelson was “dogged” in getting documents from the corporation who owned the facility, as the attorneys knew that key safety codes had been violated. Abeyta Nelson brought in an experienced lighting expert who took measurements at the site of the accident to support their arguments. “Our case was greatly enhanced by the thoroughness of Abeyta Nelson’s research. They covered all the angles,” said Brooke.

Ultimately, Brooke’s case was successfully resolved through settlement. Brooke said, “We were treated very professionally and were kept informed at all stages of our case. The culture of Abeyta Nelson was one that we could feel completely confident in,” Brooke added.

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