Abeyta Nelson Injury Law is responsible for the largest personal injury settlements in the history of Central Washington – including Yakima, Kittitas, Franklin, Grant and Klickitat Counties – totaling more than $250 million in the last 25 years. These awards help families put their lives back together after a serious accident or injury, easing the financial strain of large medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Car Accidents                                                           

$6.25M record-setting recovery for 46-year-old Franklin County man injured in a car-truck collision

$4.1M settlement for 26-year-old Hispanic farm laborer who sustained a spinal injury in multi-vehicle collision in Kittitas County

$1.62M record-setting underinsured motorist arbitration award settlement for Yakima woman who sustained back and other injuries in a single vehicle accident – the highest ever arbitration award on a personal injury case in Yakima County

$1.35M car-pedestrian collision in which 56-year-old man sustained leg and ankle fractures, closed head injury, and back fractures

$1.25M settlement for 83-year-old Florida grandmother and her two 6-year-old granddaughters hit by pickup truck in Selah church parking lot

$1.15M settlement for orthopedic injuries to 52-year-old Yakima man in two-car collision

$1.05M settlement for multiple injuries to 78 and 75-year-old sisters injured in head-on car crash on White Pass

$448,000 settlement for 47-year old man who sustained a low back injury in a car crash

$475,000 settlement for a 25-year-old Yakima man who sustained internal injuries in a car crash

$350,000 settlement for a 50-year old man who sustained a neck injury in a car crash

$350,000 settlement for a 39-year-old Yakima woman sustained a low back injury

$315,000 settlement for 62-year-old Washington State Trooper who suffered a herniated disc in his lower back

$310,000 settlement for a 49-year-old Yakima man sustained internal injuries in a car crash

$305,000 settlement in which a 68-year-old Selah woman was injured in a car crash

$300,000 settlement for a 64-year old man who sustained back injury in a car crash

$300,000 settlement for a 51-year old man who sustained low back injury in a car crash

$290,000 settlement for a 58-year old woman who sustained multiple injuries in a car crash

$275,000 settlement for a 22 year-old woman involved in a truck collision which resulted in a head injury

$262,500 settlement for a 41-year old man who sustained a head injury in a car crash

Brain Injury
$6.9 M landmark settlement for infant who fell through gap in unsafe stadium bleachers – the largest settlement in Yakima County history

Dog Bites
$350,000 settlement for a 46-year old client who suffered dog bite injuries

$300,000 settlement for family of 6-year-old Yakima girl who sustained facial lacerations

Nursing Home Injuries
$525,000 settlement resulting from sexual abuse of developmentally disabled 38-year-old woman at state-run nursing facility

$300,000 settlement for family of a 77-year old man related to nursing home death

$175,000 settlement for 79-year-old Yakima man who suffered a broken leg

Confidential settlement for 68-year-old woman who died from nursing home neglect

School Injuries
$3.5 M settlement as a result of a spinal cord injury sustained by a 9-year-old Ellensburg girl in playground injury

Wildland Fire Losses
$9.8 M total settlement for 124 individuals who lacked insurance or suffered damage their insurance did not cover in the Taylor Bridge Fire of 2012

Workplace Injuries
$1.15 M settlement for 42-year-old man who injured his back when a roll of carpet knocked shelf onto him while working at Lowe’s store

$1.2 M settlement awarded to 32-year-old factory worker injured in boiler explosion

$825,000 settlement for 49-year-old Yakima automotive technician who suffered a brain injury

$800,000 settlement for wrist fracture from construction site fall sustained by 35-year-old female electrical apprentice

$685,000 settlement for shoulder injury to female truck driver

$650,000 settlement for 60-year-old Hanford worker who injured his knee when truck running board gave way

$250,000 settlement for a 50-year old male who sustained a workplace shoulder injury

Wrongful Death
$1M settlement for 8-year-old boy who drowned in cloudy swimming pool at Eastern Washington resort

$850,000 settlement on behalf of 22-year-old who died on construction site

$700,000 settlement for children of 39-year-old Native American man who committed suicide in Yakama Tribal Jail

$700,000 settlement for accidental death of 47-year-old auto body repairman in auto collision

$600,000 settlement on behalf of 37-year-old construction worker on job site

$556,331 settlement for accidental death of 51-year-old farm laborer in car accident

Uninsured Motorists
$806,000 settlement for auto repairman who sustained head injury

$750,000 settlement for Yakima man who sustained head, leg and pelvic injuries in head-on collision

$700,000 settlement for 47-year-old man In 18-wheeler truck accident

$670,000 settlement for shoulder injury to 59-year-old auto repair shop owner and back injury to 58-year-old wife injured in car crash

$150,000 settlement for liability and UIM claims for soft tissue injury – (original offer from client’s insurance company was $2,500)