Protecting Highway Workers is Everyone’s Job

Freeways like Interstate 90 are busy places.  This major east-west highway carries tens of thousands of vehicles each day.  This heavy load takes its toll on the highway. Unfortunately, work on the freeway can also be dangerous, especially when drivers ignore warning signs. Highway Work is High-Risk and Dangerous The Washington Department of Transportation (DOT) has the… Read more »

Insure Your Boat for Summer Peace of Mind

With the continuation of hot summer temperatures, the number of boats in Washington’s lakes, rivers, and reservoirs has increased dramatically. This is especially true due to the pandemic as well as an increase in the number of boats purchased over the last year. While boating is generally considered a carefree recreational activity, danger lurks.  According… Read more »

Difficult Summer Wildfire Season Ahead

Both the length and severity of fire seasons in Washington State continue to increase. As late as the 1990’s, about 85,000 acres of land burned in Washington State each year. The current five-year average is 488,000 acres, with more than 812,000 acres burning in 2020. Worse yet, the fire season starts as early as April… Read more »

7 Steps to Take After Injury on Someone Else’s Property

There are several scenarios that can cause injury to another on someone else’s property. You might hear these referred to as “slip and fall” accidents. This refers to someone slipping on driveway ice or water left on the floor at a restaurant, for example. We also see people in our community who are injured on… Read more »

Negligent Exposure to COVID-19? You May Have a Case

As Yakima County begins to allow businesses to re-open, I have often been asked if a business could be held legally liable (at fault) if a customer or consumer is exposed to COVID-19 and gets sick. The short answer: it’s complicated. In Washington State, for a business to be held liable a person must show… Read more »

Know the Rules of Biking | Bike Accident Injury Attorneys

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an explosion in bike riding. There’s been at least a 50% increase in bicycle sales and trails are much busier. A review of bicycle laws seems appropriate, particularly for those just returning to the activity. Helmets: Surprisingly, Washington State Law does not require bicycle riders to wear helmets,… Read more »

How Has COVID-19 Changed Personal Injury Law?

COVID-19 has changed everything over the past three months. Too many people have gotten sick, been hospitalized with life-threatening respiratory symptoms or have died.  Several local businesses have closed and others are in danger of going out of business.  Many people are unemployed.  Our economy has taken a big hit. One thing that hasn’t changed,… Read more »

Are Bounce Houses Safe?

Last May, five teenagers were injured at Zillah High School after a bounce house flew into the sky with a gust of wind. At least one student was critically injured and airlifted to a nearby hospital. This news was shocking to most people, as bounce houses are often associated with good-hearted fun. Inflatable attractions like… Read more »

How to Handle a Parking Lot Car Accident

We spend plenty of time in them, yet people seem to forget that the rules of the road do not necessarily apply in a parking lot car accident. Indeed, the Revised Code of Washington Section 46.61, et seq. (titled “Rules of the Road”) states that the chapter specifically applies “exclusively to the operation of vehicles… Read more »

Don’t Wait to File Accident or Injury Claims

The rock band Chicago famously sang “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”  At Abeyta Nelson part of our job is to pay close attention to time limitations on accident or injury claims. If appropriate legal steps are not taken within the parameters set forth by statute, claims can be… Read more »

Abeyta Nelson Offers Remote Services During COVID-19 Epidemic

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law is proud of our nearly 40 years of practice in the Yakima Valley, and we are especially grateful for your business in times as trying as these. We know that even during a national state of emergency, personal legal issues don’t go away. Abeyta Nelson attorneys are still here for you… Read more »

Abeyta Nelson Settles Record-Setting $6.25 M Car Crash Case

A person’s life can be turned upside down in a single moment. Our 46-year-old client, Shawn Clary, lives on a small acreage near Eltopia, a small town outside of Pasco, Washington, with his wife of 16 years and their teenage son. He had worked as a journeyman electrician in The Tri-Cities for 12 years. His… Read more »

What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Really Do?

We’ve all heard the term “ambulance chasers,” a derogatory term used to describe personal injury attorneys. It insinuates we tastelessly chase injured clients. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Attorneys get a lot of ribbing (who hasn’t heard a good lawyer joke?) and personal injury attorneys seem to get the brunt of it. There… Read more »

Abeyta Nelson Files Sexual Harassment Suit Involving Former Grandview Teacher

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law attorneys Terry Abeyta and Maggie Lund recently filed suit against the Grandview School District (see story in the Yakima Herald-Republic and on KIMA TV). Two former Grandview High School students allege that in 2016 their former teacher, Zachary Joseph Sybouts, sent them inappropriate communication and photos of himself, made advances and… Read more »

What If My Child is Injured at School? | Yakima Injury Attorneys

After a long, fun, and sometimes hectic summer, I always welcome the cooler, softer embrace that fall brings to Eastern Washington. When the leaves begin to change color and the sunburns from poolside days begin to fade, families across the Yakima Valley know what it means: it’s time to send the kids back to school…. Read more »

How Social Media Impacts Your Personal Injury Claim

The impact of social media is widespread and far-reaching.  Top social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. In 2018, there were 243,600,000 social media users in the United States alone.  That’s right…more than 243 million!  Most of you reading this have an account on at least one of these sites. Social media… Read more »

How Listening Makes All the Difference in Your PI Case

We really listen to our clients.  Here’s why that makes ALL THE difference.  Abeyta Nelson Injury Law recently represented a young woman who was struck by a vehicle as she crossed a street near her college campus in Seattle. Prior to hiring Abeyta Nelson Injury Law, she had been represented by two other lawyers at… Read more »