Legal Assistant Evolves with Technology Over 22 Year Career


Sherry Fortner grew up in Yakima and Goldendale, WA, earning a B.A. from Washington State University. Sherry worked for one law firm before joining Abeyta Nelson in 1993. “The way we practiced then was completely different than the way we practice now,” Sherry said, recalling the days she used DOS (before Microsoft Windows), using a computerized typewriter, paper appointment calendars, and color coded paper to send different types of messages throughout the office instead of email. Today, Sherry adds, Abeyta Nelson is a leader in efficiently using technology for the benefit of clients.

Sherry was hired as a legal assistant 22 years ago and still serves in that role, as well as providing staff and litigation training. Sherry says that being a working mom has been her greatest career challenge, noting there have been days when her child needed her, but work had to come first. “Abeyta Nelson has always been helpful, and if I really needed to be home with my daughter, they have encouraged me to do so. My daughter is 21 now and I have worked here since before she was born. The positive side of this is that she has learned the importance of working hard and being a reliable person.”

Sherry says that without a doubt her proudest moments at Abeyta Nelson have been when she’s been able to help people. “Really feeling like you have helped to make a difference in someone’s life, and bringing financial security to someone who has been injured and has nowhere to turn is very gratifying. Being part of a team that helps people rebuild their lives after a devastating fire is also extremely special. The clients’ appreciation makes all the hard work worth it.”

Thank you, Sherry, for over two decades of commitment to Abeyta Nelson clients!

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