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When purchasing a consumer product, buyers have the right to expect that product will perform in a safe and effective manner. When a product fails or breaks, or otherwise falls short of its intended purpose, consumers are left with a defective product, and in some cases, a dangerous product. Any product can fail, and users of products should not automatically assume it’s their fault if they’re injured using a defective product.

Most importantly, it is a product manufacturers’ duty to warn consumers of known hazards. If manufacturers are aware of a potentially dangerous or defective product and fail to warn consumers, these individuals may be susceptible to catastrophic injuries, or even death. Consumers who have been affected by this kind of injury should talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows the complex area of product liability law.


What is a Defective Product or a Dangerous Product?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a defective product is one that could create a substantial risk of injury to consumers or one that creates an unreasonable risk of serious injury or wrongful death. The defective product may be due to a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or inappropriate or inadequate labeling of the product by the retailer or distributor.


What are Common Types of Defective Products?

Some of the most common types of defective products include automobiles or auto parts, medical devices and medications. Errors in medication resulting from mislabeling by a pharmacy can mean urgent trips to the emergency room, resulting in high medical expenses.

Injuries resulting from the defective design of automobiles or auto parts during the manufacturing process may stem from a malfunctioning engine, brakes, seat belts, airbags, or other broken parts. Without a product recall notice or notification of these issues, consumers are at an increased risk for a car accident or other injury.

Other product liability claims that may arise from design defects are related to medical devices, which medical professionals may use to help patients treat a disease or condition. Medical devices may include defibrillators, insulin pumps, hip or shoulder replacement parts or other implants, contraceptive devices, or stents.

“Failure to warn” errors are common with many medical devices. This means that manufacturers know of the potential dangers of a product, but they keep the information to themselves to avoid penalties or legal action. Insufficient or inadequate warning, labeling, or instructions on packaging are examples of marketing defects.

Product liability cases are serious, scary, and may leave the consumer with a mountain of medical bills following treatment for their injuries. Further, a breach of warranty, or refusal of a product manufacturer to make good on a broken or defective product, can further complicate a complex product liability lawsuit.

Manufacturing defects often come down to poor design of the product. Children’s toys, equipment, or furniture can cause loved ones serious injury, or even death. A bookshelf in a child’s room that lacks the proper wall attachment is another example of a design defect that manufacturers should be held responsible for. And keep in mind that the smallest toys – a marble, ball, latex balloon, or other small parts contained in a game or toy – have the potential to cause devastating personal injury, or death.


Hiring Abeyta Nelson Personal Injury Attorneys in Yakima

Experienced product liability lawyers like those at Abeyta Nelson Injury Law will provide potential clients with a free consultation regarding their case. Our legal team provides expert legal representation necessary to take legal action against product designers, manufacturers, distributors and sellers of defective products in order to get successful case results for our clients.

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law has successfully settled thousands of personal injury cases since 1981. Talk with Yakima’s product liability attorneys about your defective product case. Contact our law firm today for a free case evaluation.

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