What is “UIM” Coverage? Should it be a part of my Auto Insurance Policy?

uninsured during car accident what to do

The answer is yes! I recently represented a young man injured in a violent collision near Zillah, WA. He was a passenger in a car and on his way to work in the early morning hours when an uninsured driver ran a stop sign. Our young client was seated in the rear passenger seat, exactly where the uninsured driver’s vehicle crashed into the car. He suffered a fractured pelvis, which fortunately did not require surgery. The client was hospitalized for two nights, but his recovery took several months and he missed substantial time from work.

Like many drivers in our area, this uninsured driver was violating state law by driving without liability insurance. Thankfully, however, because our client had UIM, or Uninsured Motorist Coverage as part of his insurance policy, I was able to secure the full uninsured policy limits of $100,000 as compensation for the injuries and pain suffered by our client. This case is an example of the importance of carrying uninsured motorist coverage, as our client would not have had a source for recovery of compensation without the UIM coverage. Please take a close look at your own automobile insurance policy to ensure that you and your family are protected by uninsured motorist coverage. If not, you may want to consider adding this coverage to your policy.

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