Are Landlords Liable for Tenant’s Dog Bites?

Dog bites can result in horrific wounds and permanent scarring, regardless of the size of the dog. In Washington, a dog owner is strictly liable for the injuries caused by his or her dog when it bites someone. If the dog owner has homeowners insurance, renters insurance or some other liability insurance, a source of recovery to compensate the injured person for his or her injuries is established.  If there is no insurance, then the owner or keeper of the dog can be at risk of a judgement against his or her assets.

What happens if the dog owner rents living space and does not maintain liability insurance?

Generally, a landlord is not at fault when a tenant’s dog bites someone. The Supreme Court of Washington reaffirmed this in a recent case. 

However, a landlord can still be held legally liable in certain situations. In a recent case, the lawyers at Abeyta Nelson were able to establish the fault of a landlord when a tenant’s dog bit our client in the common area of a multi-residence complex.  

Our client lived in a multi-residence, single-floor apartment complex. The residences were set around a central courtyard with walkways around the outside. Our client was walking on a pathway when a dog charged her and bit her multiple times. 

The owner of the dog was not insured. The lawyers at Abeyta Nelson were able to make a financial recovery for our client because the landlord failed to keep the sidewalk, a common area, in a safe condition. 

Hiring a Yakima Dog Bite Attorney

The lawyers at Abeyta Nelson have handled hundreds of dog bite cases. Recoveries on dog bite cases have ranged from a few thousand dollars to over six figures. If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, call Abeyta Nelson Injury Law right away. There is never a charge to discuss your questions with us, and no fee unless we win your case. The sooner we are involved, the more help we can give you.

-blog written by attorney David Abeyta, Abeyta Nelson Injury Law

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