Seeking Justice: Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Landmark Care Center

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The tragic death of an 88-year-old woman, Alda M. Gray, at Landmark Care Center has sparked a legal battle, with her family filing a wrongful death suit against the facility. Represented by Terry P. Abeyta of Abeyta Nelson Injury Law, the family seeks accountability for what they perceive as inadequate care leading to Mrs. Gray’s untimely demise.

The Case Unfolds & Allegations of Negligence

Alda M. Gray’s journey at Landmark began on November 24, 2010, with hopes of short-term rehabilitation and a return to her independent lifestyle. Prior to her admission, Mrs. Gray lived independently, drove her own car, and enjoyed activities like bridge.

According to Abeyta, the suit alleges that Landmark failed to address Mrs. Gray’s respiratory issues adequately. Despite physician orders mandating her oxygen saturation levels to be maintained at or above 90 percent, Mrs. Gray’s levels reportedly plummeted dangerously during her four-day stay. Shockingly, Landmark allegedly neglected to inform her family or attending physicians, even as Mrs. Gray complained of shortness of breath.

Critical Lapses in Care & Legal Ramifications

Abeyta highlights the discrepancy between physician orders and Landmark’s actions, revealing that Mrs. Gray’s oxygen levels dropped as low as 71 percent without any notification to her medical team or family. Moreover, the suit alleges that Landmark administered excess oxygen without proper authorization, failing to adhere to prescribed protocols.

In the aftermath of Mrs. Gray’s passing, an investigation by the Department of Health & Human Services (DSHS) concluded that Landmark had violated the standard of care. The facility’s failure to provide necessary care and services, as outlined in Mrs. Gray’s care plan, was deemed unacceptable. Additionally, an independent expert corroborated these findings, highlighting Landmark’s lapses in oxygen management and communication.

Quest for Accountability

Abeyta emphasizes the preventable nature of Mrs. Gray’s tragic demise, asserting that Landmark’s adherence to its care plan could have spared her life. The family’s pursuit of justice underscores their belief that accountability must be upheld in cases of negligence.

Hiring a Yakima Personal Injury Attorney

As the legal battle unfolds, the wrongful death suit against Landmark Care Center serves as a stark reminder of the importance of quality healthcare and transparent communication. Through their legal representation, Mrs. Gray’s family seeks not only closure but also systemic improvements to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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