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Lightning-caused wildfires typically start in forested regions where high temperatures and a dry, windy climate create the ideal conditions for a massive burn.

But naturally occurring wildfires only account for a fraction of all wildfires in the United States.   According to the Insurance Information Institute, only 10 percent of wildfires are caused by lightning or natural causes.  An astounding 90 percent of fires in the U.S. are man-made, which may include unattended campfires, burning of vegetation or debris, cigarettes or acts of arson.  The III also lists the western states – particularly central and eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and both northern California and southern California – as being among the top 10 states of high to extreme wildfire risk (2019).

Human-made wildfires are also caused by overgrown vegetation adjacent to power lines owned by utility companies that neglect to maintain their equipment.  In addition, hot exhaust from vehicles or equipment used around dry vegetation can spark fires at work sites, which may have extremely dangerous and life-threatening consequences for homeowners and property owners in fire-prone areas.

Abeyta Nelson holds these utility companies and businesses accountable for the fire damage, serious injury, and wrongful deaths they cause for fire victims.

Won’t my Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover Fire Losses?  What if I Don’t Have Insurance Coverage?

Typically, homeowner’s insurance policies treat fire as a “peril” or “catastrophe,” so many insurance companies will cover fire damage to homes, attached or detached structures, personal property, and the cost to live elsewhere if your home is destroyed.  Insurers may or may not cover the cost to replace landscaping, however, and insurance coverage for wildfire damage may vary depending on where you live.  Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover all types of fire damage.

If you do not have adequate limits under your insurance policy, or if you have no insurance coverage at all, you may still be eligible to file a wildfire claim.  Schedule a free consultation with our trial lawyers today to discuss your legal options.

Experienced Wildfire Attorneys Make All the Difference in Handling Insurance Claims

Wildland fire cases are a relatively new and complex area of personal injury law, so it’s important to trust the legal advice of an experienced wildfire litigation law firm.  Abeyta Nelson attorney Rod Nelson and his team are among the leading wildfire attorneys in the Pacific Northwest, successfully recovering more than $25,000,000 for hundreds of fire victims over the past 10 years, and providing the highest level of legal representation for our clients in these settlements:

Confidential settlement for 160 claimants in the Monastery Fire on Satus Pass near Goldendale, WA (2011)

$219,330 settlement for six families in the Wishram Fire near Wishram, WA (2011)

$9,800,000 total settlement for 124 claimants who lacked insurance or suffered damage their insurance did not cover in the Taylor Bridge Fire near Ellensburg, WA (2012)

$600,000 settlement for three families in the St. Mary’s Mission Road Fire near Omak, WA (2012)

$1,600,000 settlement for two families in the Blue Creek Fire near Walla Walla, WA (2015)

$6,200,000 settlement for 11 families in the Twisp River Fire near Twisp, WA (2020)

Abeyta Nelson Injury Law is currently working with California wildfire attorneys on the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA.  The firms are jointly representing 165 claimants who suffered from devastating fire damage during the 2018 California fire that wiped out an entire town.

The Abeyta Nelson Injury Law team would like to talk with you about how they might be able to help you and explain your legal rights.  Please call Carrie or Sherry at phone number (509) 575-1588 for more information and to schedule a free consultation.  There is no fee for an initial consultation, and no fee unless a recovery is made for you.

Do You Have a Case Related to the Babb-Malden/Manning or Whitney Fires?

If you, a family member or a loved one had uninsured or underinsured property that was destroyed or damaged during September 2020 Babb-Malden/Manning Fire near Malden and Colfax, WA, or the Whitney Fire near Davenport, WA, you may be able to recover your property losses for destruction of trees, structures, grasslands, vehicles, equipment, agricultural lands, as well as personal property damage and even loss of income.

The personal injury attorneys of Abeyta Nelson Injury Law in Yakima, Ellensburg, and Sunnyside represent homeowners, landowners and wildfire victims who have had their property damaged by wildland fires.  Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Abeyta Nelson today if you have questions about a potential wildfire claim.  Our wildfire attorneys take your personal injury case personally.